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1984 NACRA 5.7  Bottom

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  • rungihanging from wire on mast?
    could be called a fools game also

    I know of a few people that I would consider to hang from a wire on mast…
  • rungithat is because you cant balance?
    and are not comfotable on your boat.
    it teaches boat weight distribution.

    not exactly
    I have been sailing for 45 years

    it is a fools game because of the risk of falling off and the boat leaving you stranded

    you don't need to take stupid risks to learn how weight impacts your helm
    you could...... move forward, move windward , etc

    I have a good friend that used to get behind his boat in 1 knot of wind and get pulled by his rear crossbar, until the day he had an issue and his boat left him, He was lucky someone saw him and picked him up before it got bad

    Also, you can helm with just your trim, no rudders, also a good skill to learn incase you have 2 rudder failures

    Quotehanging from wire on mast?
    could be called a fools game also

    what do you think the odds of falling off a pointy bow with no one on the helm vs. the odds of 1000lbs steel wire or harness failing?

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