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A-Class Catamaran "cruising" double trapeze?  Bottom

  • Curious if anyone has experience or thoughts on occasionally double trapezing on an A-Class? I'll mostly be single, but would also like to get my wife and kids sailing as well. I know it will be slower, but this would only be for casual/fun sailing. Could I swap out the mast for something more beefed up like an old F16 mast with stronger standing rigging? Of the A-Class catamaran out there, any particularly suitable for extra weight? Only looking at displacement boats, not foiling.

    I know a F16 would be much better, but I like the simplicity of the A-cat, the robustness and growth of the class, and the ability to race single and not be at a disadvantage to double boats.

  • The whole platform is built for the weight and stress of 1 person. Youll break stuff, possibly even the beams by putting the weight of 2 people on there in breeze enough for double trapezing even with a different mast.

    Seems crazy to even consider to me. Old cats are so cheap just get a hobie or Prindle for multiple people.
  • Quote by putting the weight of 2 people on there

    Depends on the size of the people :)

    QuoteOld cats are so cheap

    So are cat sailors

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  • Solid nope. A-class boats are fantastic race boats. They fall pretty short compared to almost any other catamaran for any other use though. IMO.

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  • Thanks for all the input. Sounds like consensus is a terrible idea. What about an F16? I know I can double and single it, but do you also think its only good for racing? If so, it seems like it is stuck in no-mans land. A race catamaran that no one races.....
  • A-class is just for one sailor. Plenty of F16s are double-handed racing boats. Have you looked at the Viper or Nacra?

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  • Viper sounds ideal
  • Shameless plug for my F16 that’s for sale! http:// https://www.thebe…7045-2009-f16-viper.html. $7500 gets it!

    I’m racing it solo this weekend, they are great boats. My wife and I had a lot of fun racing it.

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  • That looks great! I just wish South Carolina was closer to Montana.

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