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My H20 Modifications  Bottom

  • Sharing a couple of modifications I've made to my H20 that you guys may find interesting.

    First up is my telescoping alu righting pole.


    The materials were about $120, with another $100 to get the brackets and base welded on. I can extend it as far as I want, though at about 11 feet, it's easy to flip the boat solo.

    Next is my triangular cargo net. I had this built by Matt over at Sunrise Yachts for $600 + shipping. It can hold about 100 lbs before it starts to drag in the water, and that's without my having even connected the grommets on the rear of the net to the front crossbeam.



    I have no issues with the weight up front on my miracle, and I've even been able to fly a hull with some weight on the front. Planning to use this to go camping long distances. It's really really great not having everything cluttering up my trampoline.

    The next set of modifications I'm considering are a mast rotation dampener connected to my boom to further clear up my trampoline, as well as a motor mount for an electric outboard. (Want the epropulsion spirit evo so badly.)

    I intend to wrap the rear crossbeam in carbon fiber around some square tubing so that it is removable. Then I'll cut the mast track free and run bolts through the fiber wrap.

    Any thoughts on the motor mount? A little concerned about the integrity of the rear cross beam..

  • Make sure to test the righting pole enough. I had an aluminum one for quite a while, and was so confident that I didn't care to test it (I'd rather sail). When I finally used it on a real capsize, it couldn't keep it from swinging back and forth. And after many attempts, I broke it in half. icon_confused
  • i fear for your front tramp
    I have both a rectangular mesh front tramp i had sunrise make
    and a home made weaved triangular

    you NEED a spar up front for your tramp
    attaching it to the bridal is a BAD idea
    it will cause bounce on your forestay with every wave or wake, this will shake the sails and affect laminar flow

    I recommend if you plan to use that tramp you add an alum spar rigged like spin pole for your tramp

    5.5 with triangular tramp set up (i don't use the mesh/rectangular one anymore as this style has no windage, and the spar i have is Carbon Fiber - there is VERY little weight)

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  • Carbon fiber will galvanically corrode your aluminum beam away very quickly. Not a good idea to wrap carbon over aluminum.

    Inter 20
    Southern Maine
  • I'd forgotten about the galvanic corrosion of carbon and aluminum. Urgh. I'll need to think through that some more. Might need to use S Glass.
    @mN3 surprisingly its not so bad. There is very little bounce. The sail shape is slightly distorted causing vibration of the bottom of the sail, but the waves cause very little sail deformation. At some point I intend to put a spinnaker pole on it to reinforce the net, but it'll be a bit before I can get there.

    The aluminum pipe is structural aluminum and pretty thick, I'm going to rivet in mounting points on each side of the front and back crossbeam to keep the pole from swaying back and forth. The T at the end of it is pretty good for stabilizing though.
  • You can use carbon fiber with aluminum, but you need to put a galvanic barrier between. Place one or two plys of glass down first to protect the aluminum, then lay your carbon over that.

    Not really seeing how your motor mount is going to work. If it wraps around the crossbar, then how is the main traveler going to be able to move?

  • Dogboy that's just for construction. Will cut the composite out across the traveller track after it's done curing. Then run bolts through it if necessary.

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