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Considering selling my Nacra 5.8. Would anyone be interested?  Bottom

  • After completely refurbishing my Nacra and before even putting in the water, I am seriously wanting to upgrade to a family cat for sailing with grandkids. Then I found a Hobie Getaway. That being said, I wanted to know if there is any interest in my Nacra 5.8. I have spent a couple grand on getting her ready for what I hoped would be a lifetime.

    What I’ve done:
    Sanded, faired, primered, painted both hulls with Interlux Brightside (3 coats)
    Daggerboards and rudders also (flawless)
    Complete new cable rigging including dual trapezes
    Complete new rope set and bungees
    Trailer completely rewired with LEDs/new tires
    Cat Trax has tubes in both tires
    (Newish) Mainsail from Australia, 2 jibs
    4 new inspection ports installed
    Titled and licensed
    New out of box trampoline
    All beam securing threads re-threaded
    New beam caps
    Hulls are rigid as new, zero issues.

    Since I have done this she has not touched water. She really is ready for anything, solid and strong. Like I said, I wanted to keep her forever.

    If I sell her, is there any interest?

    I would just want to recover my money invested.

    Aberdeen, Washington State

    1990 NACRA 5.8
    2017 Hobie Getaway

    Memento Mori...
  • Why don't you post it on the classified ads section of this site with pictures and a price?
  • These boats are still selling. As mentioned, put in classified section and see what happens.
  • QuoteI would just want to recover my money invested.

    that is not how it works
    you buy a boat for x
    you put in $100000000 + 20000000 manhours

    you are lucky if you get x for the boat when you sell it - I wont say never but it is almost unheard of / rarely get back what you put into it - unless the market is uber hot and you have a boat someone needs

    I agree put in an ad with details and pics and a location
  • What makes you think a getaway would be a better boat? the 5.8 has a boomless main so don't have to worry about knocking anyone out, can easily accept 3 trapeze wires (and have mutliple little hanging on the wire) and the boat is big and smooth and comfortable... as well as fast when you want it to be. I don't see what advantage the getaway would have over a 5.8 other than maybe the tramp up front... but in 10knts i doubt anyone will want to be there, and you could sit on the front hulls in low wind days and dangle feet.

    I vote keep the 5.8 and teach the grands to sail on a great boat. won't take long and they will grow into it (or out of the getaway) and you'll wish you could give them a more exciting ride!

    1987 Nacra 5.8
    1978 Isotope (sold)
  • I have always avocated for a multi boat campaign if you can afford it. I also say that two or three good boats are better than one perfect boat. My H14 is just sitting around waiting for my two year old grandson and eventually his six month old sister. That won't stop me from putting them on one of the other boats and spending a summer afternoon while I wait for them to catch up.

    Keep the 5.8 (great boat) and buy a Getaway if you really think you need it.


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    Corsair F-242
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    Hobie Tiger (Sold)
    TomCat 6.2 (Sold)

    Bought the Getaway.

    Wife convinced me to keep the NACRA.

    We'll worry about storing them in the Fall. Screw it. Thank you dssaak for the advice. icon_cool icon_cool icon_cool


    Aberdeen, Washington State

    1990 NACRA 5.8
    2017 Hobie Getaway

    Memento Mori...
  • Storing two cats is easy. Stack them. Once the mast & rudders are off, the weight goes way down. A few $ of dimensional lumber will make a frame that sits over the bottom cat & takes the load of the top one.
    I have 4 Cats, 2 kayaks, 2 stinkpots & 1 jet ski at my place.
    One can never have too many boats.

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    Dart 15
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