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  • Hello all,

    We have traveled to Miami Beach for many years during August. Last year we didn't go...but we are planning to go this August.

    How bad is the seaweed situation? Do they rake the beaches at all on a daily basis?

    We are staying at The Edition.


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  • I would likely bet on the beaches being cleared every morning. Common practice around the Gulf coast at the larger cities and in the Caribbean. Funny, we just got back from Antigua, where they also clear beaches early each morning, but we also saw this really bizarre barge thing that was collecting the seaweed from the water. Had paddle wheels on each side and this wide conveyor belt running down into the water up front to pull out the seaweed. Looked fully "water world". Seaweed was already thick there and here in Galveston. Expect a thick harvest, but I'd bet Miami cleans up each evening. Call visitor bureau to be sure.

    Chuck C.
    H21SE 408

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