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Pics from a fun Red Gear Racing Championship in Clearwater FL  Bottom

  • https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=3975263309233022&set=pcb.3975266289232724
  • did you have a good time in clearwater?

    some serious wind on friday and saturday
  • We had a ball. Came in dead last - our first regatta on the N15, father/son duo for fun vs teams training for real... we're off pace and we don't know how to sail it with C boards. Yet. We'll get better.

    Thursday practice had some pretty radical gusts, a foiling cat broke a mast in a capsize. Similar conditions on Friday for the first day of racing, but noone broke anything. Lots of capsizes/pitchpoles, half the fleet loved it, the other half found it too intense.

    Saturday was great. Sunday too light, we got one race and half in. Blowing from the East, the wind was very irregular over the racecourse, 30+ degree shifts, holes, massive gusts. Sunday course was inside so island in the middle.

    Robbie and Jill put a great event together. Trophies earned. Bottles emptied. Friendships made. Let's do more of this.
  • Robbie is the BEST!
    easterly winds are the WORST here!

    Quote Sunday course was inside so island in the middle.

    better than chasing down capsized boats quickly drifting to Houston :)

    Glad you enjoyed the area

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