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Clear coating sanded/tapered battens?  Bottom

  • Quick question.
    Curious if you do any type of clear coat on battens to minimize glass splinters after sanding/tapering them.
    If so whataya like best?
  • seems like the only two options you have are either epoxy or automotive urethane clear coat. I wouldn't think a UV stabilized acrylic would either work good or last long. But, I got to say, I hate those splinters! I'm guessing you're also referring to the pultruded fiberglass battens, yes? That actually makes a difference as to what sticks or what prep you'll need to do. Too much epoxy and you stiffen the batten, so...

    Chuck C.
    H21SE 408
  • Yea, I was leaning towards a spray able clear coat.
    Would need to be very flexible though.
    Doesn’t even have to be clear actually.. who cares what color it is. Can’t see em.
    Plasti dip? Hmm

    Nacra 5.7 fiberglass battens that have a cross section that resembles Saturn.
  • How about polyester resin?

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  • why go through all of this?
    do you plan on handling them a lot?

    how about you wear gloves while sanding, stick em in the sail and never touch em again?
  • Touche' Meh, I end up playing with mine... I know, I know - I shouldn't. At least the top one has to come out to be able to roll up the main, still I've never had the need that I can recall, but have RBS battens which don't seem to be splintery like the stock Hobie's.

    Chuck C.
    H21SE 408
  • Fair enough.
    They are already sanded.
    Might play with them, and a fish scale for fun.
    Might just stuff em in, and go sailing!
    Just thought if there were an easy way to make them not so irritating/ dangerous;)
  • QuoteMeh, I end up playing with mine... I know, I know - I shouldn't.

    LOL. icon_lol

    Paint em!
    epoxy em!
    flexSeal em!!! go nuts !!! :)

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