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  • The catamarans for sale category has been spammed!

    '82 Super Cat 15
    Hull #315
    Previously owned: '70 H14, '79 H16, '68 Sailmaster 26, '85 H14T
  • Is there nothing sacred!!
  • ~~~ I sent Damon an E-mail at ''Zero-Dark-Thirty This mornin ~~ icon_wink

    ~ Vietnam Vet 69-71~ 17 Hobie w/big jib, ~18 Hobie mag,~DN Ice sailor,
    and other toys.......
    ~~ I live in NY state on the north shore of Oneida lake in
    Bernhards Bay. ~~~~~~
  • The criminal spammer frankrogers has been dealt with.

    Please continue to report anything spammy you see.

    Just to be clear, the site wasn't hacked, the spammer registered and activated an account like a regular member, and then was able to place classified ads. Most things I can do to make things more difficult for human spammers (vs. bots) will also make it more difficult for real sailors, so I hesitate to do that.

    If anyone is in India and wants to visit frankrogers and explain things directly, please do.

    If you are interested in WHY the spammer does this kind of thing. If you own a website and get an unsolicited contact from someone claiming to be able to "put you on the first page of Google" or "instantly bring you more leads", this is the kind of thing they will do.

    It's the nastiest kind of black hat marketing.

    Damon Linkous
    1992 Hobie 18
    Memphis, TN

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  • Not related but I don't get the redirects like I used to so maybe you or apple made some changes to the ios. When I try to return to a page I now get a 'do you want to resend message so safari can reload' which I don't think I ever got from this website before. fwiw.

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