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Supercat 20 trampoline  Bottom

  • Considering buying a new tramp..looks like it uses a different material than I'm used to. I sail casually but have been known to fly and bury hulls when wind and passengers allow. I spoke with the owner..said it doesn't have a ladder for climbing to right..why selling. Not to concerned about that as much as material and tightening..side to side..looks different than what Ive seen and had on my 4 cats. Thanks for input!
    By chance anyone who has a supercat 20 setup... for photos..Im looking for a photo of mast base/post bushing old and new style..and where post sits on DS strap new style. Tom said new system still floats. Im considering switching to new system and or replacing broken D striker cable..snapped ( I didnt get the bushing yet from PO...he's looking /like a photo..brother said he could machine one for me...if I find him a nice OBS chevy pickup. Ha
  • https://www.thebeachcats.…t20-tramp-brand-new.html

    Anyone familiar with this material? I am used to standard trampoline material. Last photo is best for visual appearance. I do understand from Tom that it allows more air to pass through. Dave Farmer said everthing from Aquarius is top notch but wondering any pros/cons.
    Thanks for reading.
    I now have a photo of what the original mast bushing looks like for a reference..found out mine did not use one as mast post is same dimension as hole in the crossbeams.
  • That material can be a bit abrasive.

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  • I had a couple of those tramps that Tom made for me on a SC 17&20. Gahamby is correct that they are abrasive, but are really well built. They are also very expensive. I decided on my last couple SC's that it was best to buy from Tom/Aquarius. What they send is high quality and as much advice as he has given me I owe him the support.
    One 20 I had came with a blue solid material tramp from Sunrise Yachts in Florida. It was pretty nice too.

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  • QuoteOne 20 I had came with a blue solid material tramp from Sunrise Yachts in Florida. It was pretty nice too.

    Sunrise Yacht used to make the best tramp (IMHO) - but you pay for premium workmanship
    they were sold a few years ago and the new company has had issues building out tramps for friends of mine.

    specifically a mystere 6.0 xl (10' wide) - they couldn't get the fit or function correct even after multiple returns and attempts with specific instructions = that being said Mystere's are difficult to fit and the bolt ropes on the sides are crazy small
  • Dave Farmer said ..high quality from Aquarius. Not sure the abrasiveness is an issue. Concerned about fitment and tightening side to side. Stitching looks great from what I can see on the Beachcats listing. Fablok Mills was the manufacturer used for the material and then they were bought out ..all I was told by Tom/Aquarius. I am only familair with the original style material but did order a new tramp from Sunrise for my SC19 approx 18 years ago. It had a different direction on the weave and didnt snug up as nice as the original otherwise fine. Original tramp for 19 ..weave was square to the catamaran as opposed to the 45° weave of the Sunrise version.
  • Quote Original tramp for 19 ..weave was square to the catamaran as opposed to the 45° weave of the Sunrise version.

    I am certainly not disputing your results but the angled mesh is supposed to fit better

    From Sunrise - https://multihullnets.com/Product/bcinfo.aspx

    "Bias Cut
    Most trampolines with boltrope track on 3 sides are bias cut which means that the fibers of the mesh run at a 45 deg. angle to the sides. This eliminates the need to lace from 2 sides since the fibers pull at the adjacent sides from the lacing side and stretch the entire surface tight. This also increases the holding power of the grommets since all the fibers of the mesh can wrap around the reinforcement."

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  • Dont have enough exposure to other catamarans/sailers where I go so sailing so my experience with trampoline fitment is very limited. Newbie as far as current materials, techniques but I can fly a hull and soak my crew. When I got excited about buying my first catamaran 1996 there was 15-20 at the lake..then couplebyears later dw8ndled 1 or 2 others...an awesome place to go in August..one of the clearest lakes in the world.
    When I got the new trampoline (18 yrs ago) I researched fabrication process and learned about the bias cut only because it was different than original. Needless to say I was stoked having a new one. Mine did have the 3 side bolt rope track. I imagine processes changed during the time original this was made and replacements. My .02 cents is just that.
    The one listed on this site for the SC20 has side lacing I assume for further tightening it up...my initial thought is no one usually sits in the middle so I would prefer trampoline lacing there...that may be what I order down the road. So again..limited experience. I never flipped my last 20 but didnt have an issue with climbing up and releasing hyfield lever on 17 and 19 to start righting process. Not having the rope ladder..reason seller is selling.. could be a challenge.
    So I bought this SC20 up at Lake Isabella from Gene Hacker..member on this site..and I didnt check everything well enough. Even though I spent 3½ hours getting it road ready I missed that I only had half the trampoline. He had a call to work so its on me. Hoping get other half sent soon. Based on condition of the starboard half I do have..it could get me by for a couple years.
    Meanwhile..this is the only place I can talk with other cat sailors. PNW would be the opposite of say Florida for active sailors.

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