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2 goosenecks?? 2 booms?? Are they both Hobie? :?:  Bottom

  • Another question as I piece together the puzzle that is all the parts my boat came in. Its a fun game but creates sooooo many questions

    With the 2 sails came 2 booms, one silver and one black. I ass-u-me d they were the same, just different colours, but on closer inspection, there are some notable differences.

    Firstly the gooseneck are different


    Secondly, they are slightly different lengths


    The other differences are more subtle. The silver one has a plastic cleat for the outhaul, the black one an alloy camcleat.

    The black one came attached to the better of the 2 main sails the boat came with


    I think the black one feels heavier.

    The gooseneck on the black one has a larger diameter fitting that goes into the mast luff track, I haven't tested them for fit yet.

    The gooseneck on the silver one is a bit battered and not entirely straight.

    The black one

    So, which is the best one to use? I'm not going to be racing.
  • In the top picture the one in front is a Hobie gooseneck, the one in the back is not.
  • Same with the booms, the one in front is Hobie
  • HULLFLYERSame with the booms, the one in front is Hobie

    Not sure which is front or back because of the way I've taken the pics

    Is the black or silver boom hobie?
  • The black one

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