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F16 or A Cat Weight Considerations  Bottom

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  • lmaniakCan an F18 be raced 1 up, using main and spinnaker only ? Would be class legal acceptable?


    C.3 CREW
    C.3.2 LIMITATIONS(a) The crew shall consist of 2 persons

    C.10 SAILS
    C.10.1 LIMITATIONS(a) The sail plan shall consist of one mainsail, one jib and one gennaker which shall be carried aboard.Sails shall no tbe replaced during a regatta, except when a sail has been lost or damaged beyond repair, then only with permission of the race committee. The race committees hall then remove or cross out any event limitation markattached to the replaced sail

    (i am not an f18 owner, nor racers so there may be some circumstances i am not aware of but these are the current class rules)

  • You can race in open class 1-up with a custom SCHRS rating. Considering you need two fit 170 lbers on the wire in 10kts and up to make the boat go, you won’t be competitive unless it’s a light air affair, and you might struggle to right the boat if you capsize on a puff.

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