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1990 Hobie 18 - Talking Rock, GA ($2000)  Bottom

  • Nice looking H18 w/ wings, trailer, good tramp, some harnesses.
    (Also looks like it has a Cheetah mount on the rear beam)


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    Tornado (Marstrom) USA 851
  • Hull stripes are a dead giveway that this is definitely not a 1990 boat. Likely early 80’s or late 70’s. Also difficult to tell for sure from the pictures, but the hull sidewalls look potentially warped, which would be an indication of delamination - not uncommon for a boat of this vintage. I would say the $2000 asking price is pretty typical for a boat of this condition, assuming it is complete and the hulls not delaminated. If they are delaminated, it’s a turn around and walk away situation, or low ball for parts.


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  • Yep that also has the old style rudder, so not a ‘90, maybe an ‘80.

    ‘92 H18 w/SX wings
    ‘95 Hobie Funseeker 12 (Holder 12)
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