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First time walk-through of Viadana 8:1 Blocks  Bottom

  • I went ahead and purchased the 8:1 Mainsheet blocks from Viadana late last week and decided to try my hand at creating a YouTube video. There just wasn't much out there about these Viadana blocks so I figured I would share my first impressions with this group.

    It is far from a work of art and my commentary is that of a novice. My hope is that its factually accurate, conveys worthwhile content for the viewer and gives the Viadana blocks a fair review.

    I haven't made the video fully public yet and I don't plan on making regular videos in the future.
    I'm open to your constructive criticism. If the response is favorable I'll make the video publicly searchable on YouTube, if not i'll delete it.

  • good video! thanks for the data
    convinced me not to ever purchase those blocks - hope they serve you better than i think they would serve me

    poor tolerances, poor tooling, lots of open areas for sand and dirt and other items to get into the bearings, unknown support, screws not long enough to utilize the nylon in the nyloc nut ...

    I will stick with and support USA made gear from a company that has shown me fantastic support over the 21 years i have been sailing beach cats
  • Great video - we have the same mindset when evaluating equipment and you had a very balanced approach to comparing the 2 brands. I found it extremely enlightening as I would evaluate just the same issues - quality, build, materials, etc. Looks like the Viadana will be easily "good enough" and not bad quality, vs. the Harken which is a more refined product. The open bearings and sand are an interesting concern. But, doesn't Harken have the same types of hardware?

    I would bet that the Viadana will be "good enough", however I would really be tempted to replace the screws since I lost one side of a block once and had to hold the block together to get back to the beach...but was my fault for not using thread locker when re-assembling.

    In any case - thanks for the video and please continue.

    Chuck C.
    H21SE 408
  • Quote The open bearings and sand are an interesting concern. But, doesn't Harken have the same types of hardware?

    I think the bearings look more protected in my harken
    this is the 75mm but i think they are to scale with the 57mm


    I have worn out harken blocks and had no problem with free replacements and upgrades
    their gear has proven itself to me and i want to support a company i have had personal calls with and excellent service

    I am not sure they would be good enough if they fail while offshore (short screws) or in a blow
  • To be clear, Harken has done me right also, with parts, etc. No complaints, but just what I got with the boat. Also got a couple of Oxen blocks for the jib...wonder how they compare? I don't think I like them despite their pricey, neat nature...feedback?

    Chuck C.
    H21SE 408
  • oxen blocks are self cleating - different creature
    and pricey and a pain to referb
    but some love them

    I have used them on a g-cat - nice but not needed

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