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A couple Hobie 16s Northern Illinois/Southern Wisconsin  Bottom

  • Hobie 16 $350

    Hobie 16 $800

    Plus a bonus Hobie 14 for $600.

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    Bryan in Poplar Grove, IL
    Future Supercat 17 owner
    Currently own two foam monohulls
  • Ooh la la.... a couple of 40 year old or so beat up old boats on craigslist.... nice find icon_lol

    The first one isn’t even a Hobie and the last one, which the ad says is a Hobie 14, is actually a Hobie 16 that clearly sat in the water too long and is probably waterlogged.

    Not sure I would consider these a “good deal.” More likely not even worth the asking prices and probably boats that should just be run away from as quickly as possible.


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