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1981 GCAT 5.0 (Thoughts on parting out)  Bottom

  • Several years ago I purchased an 81 GCAT to learn about cats and how to sail. I put some money into her, e.g., new tramp, main and jib sheet rigging, and few other items. She hasn't been in the water in over a year but has been in storage in a garage. While the main is usable, its in rough shape. And there is a trailer.

    I'm ready to move on to a new boat but I have to get rid of this one first.

    I have two issues:
    1. She's located in Puerto Penasco, Mexico (aka "Rocky Point")
    2. I'm thinking she's probably not worth much so it's probably not worth the time and effort to try and sell

    Any recommendations on what I should do, e.g., part her out, donate the whole thing, offer it for free if someone is interested to pick her up from Rocky Point....?? I'm not really wanting to pull the boat to Arizona, or anywhere else for that matter but...


    Bob Plante
    81 GCAT 5.0
    Rocky Point, MX
  • Hey Bob,
    Put it up for sale here on thebeachcats.com and think about Craig's List, Facebook marketplace, OfferUp and others in SoCal, Phoenix, and Tucson. A working cat with a trailer is worth something.
    You didn't happen to know Brian Heffernan in Rocky Point, did you?

    Sheet In!
    Prindle 18-2 #244 "Wakizashi"
    Prindle 16 #3690 "Pegasus" Sold (sigh)
    AZ Multihull Fleet 42 member
    (Way) Past Commodore of Prindle Fleet 14
    Arizona, USA
  • I sure did know Brian! Great guy....sorely missed.

    Looks like that's what I'll do...I may even try some New Mexico sites since I know there are lots of folks out that way who came for the annual regatta on Sandy Beach.

    Thanks for the input!

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