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PVC or drain pipe (for sliding up a beach) vs beach wheels  Bottom

  • I am looking for a solution how to get my 16' alum v-bow (250lbs) up a beach during island camping.

    wasn't an issue in the past when i had a small 3.5 hp on the stern but i upped my 1964 boat up with a brand new 9.8hp. it is bolted on so i can't just remove it to get it out of the water (and into a fresh water bath)

    So any one have experience with using pvc as rollers ?
    I am thinking 4 or 5 - 2" pvc tubes would work pretty well (i could use my main blocks attached to a tree to solo pull it up a beach)

    i know of this thread - https://www.catsailor.com…reads.php/topics/17664/1 but seeing if anyone here has any experience

  • I have used 6" diameter PVC pipe cut in half to beach my cats.
    Dome side up, I used four of them to support the hulls.
    They were about 14" wide and the hulls slid on them well.
    The was a PVC fitting sticking up out of the top at one end to keep the hulls from sliding off sideways.
    One long weekend the water in the lake rose and we had to move our camps back a couple of feet.
    I took the aft pipes away and placed them in front of the cat, then pushed the nearly fully rigged boat forward onto the new position easily.
    You could do the same with your v-bow, using upright fittings on both ends to keep the bow centered while you push. You could make a dotted line right up the shore with three or four, stopping to get the ones behind moved to the front to continue.
    My $0.02.

    Hmmm, if the shore is a bit steep, the boat will slide backward just as easily. Might have to fashion a stop (tent stakes?) to hold it in place until you can get the bow tied down.
    It's always the after thoughts that get me into trouble...

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  • Quote It's always the after thoughts that get me into trouble...


    thanks for the insights
    the plan was to have 6 2" or 3" tubes and log roll the boat as you describe

    a second search and i found a thread on here from 9 years ago - i forgot about it (i was in it lol)

    I have thought about cutting into 1/2 tubes (longways) but lack the tools to do that correctly and see my previous attempts were very poor. I may try screwing 2 guides (long 1" x 2"s) on a pcv tube and create a slot for my jig saw

    however I also liked the idea of being able to stack a 2" inside a 3" tube for transport. (and boyancy and a dry spot for gear while transporting - maybe dirty laundry on the return? ;) )

    as per slippage: this will be short term run up the shoreline about 20'
    and will be secured via anchor or to a tree - and not in a position to be blown around on the pvc

    thinking i can solo pull up over 250 lbs of boat/motor if i take my main blocks with me and tie off to a tree and my handles on the boat (2 on transom, or 1 on bow)

    I plan to spend $24 and purchase a 3" and a 2" and test this all out (and new hacksaw blades)

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