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Kids are gone, want a new boat....fast/simple/rugged  Bottom

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  • If you’re at all interested in a F18, my Exploder Scorpion is also available, for less $ than the new one in the classifieds, and is fully race rigged and sorted. She’s the fastest beach cat I have ever owned (1,2,3 finishes at Worlds). I have been hesitant to part ways with her as she’s in tip top shape and I don’t think there is a better boat on the market if you are serious about F18 sailing...

    Back to the OP’s question...no fast beach cat with foam or Nomex core is going to stand up to a ton of abuse. The Hobie Tiger, F18 Infusion Mk. 2/3, Evolution, Scorpion and C2 are all solid boats designed for raid sailing and the rare brush with the bottom, but they will dent if you are driving them along a dock and don’t generally like getting pulled up onto the sand. The same applies to A-Cats, F16’s, Nacra 15’s and Nacra 17’s.

    Now, I think you are looking for more performance than a Getaway...my suggestion is a Nacra 570 or maybe a Hobie T2 with Hobie 16 sails...these are the modern equivalents of a Supercat 17.
  • I appreciate the input and suggestions. I think I'm going to stay with the Supercat 17. At the end of the day I think the SC17 meets all my needs and I feel comfortable on this boat both solo and 2-up.... Not sure I can handle the performance of the F18/16's.

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