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California Central Coast - Monterey Bay and Santa Cruz  Bottom

  • I'd like to request a dedicated forum to meet up with fellow catamaran sailors in the Monterey / Santa Cruz area.

    I grew up near Ventura CA, and have lived in the desert (Mojave) for the last 15 years. I'm not back living near the coast and have recently bought a 2001 Nacra Inter 20. I'd love to meet up and sail with some locals. Obviously there are quite a few Beachcats on the beach in Santa Cruz, but I haven't found any online forums or discussion groups discussing races or group meet ups. I'd love to kick off the discussion here for anyone who wants to meet up in the Central coast for a weekend of sailing!
  • rocketboy52, I'm in Santa Cruz sailing an F18 out of the harbor. We do have an F18 website and Instagram (sf_f18) where you can get in touch with us, or contact me directly through my user name here. Where are you keeping the boat?
  • You should look at racing with MHRA (http://catamaranracing.org/). Their are a couple Inter 20's and would love to have more. We race all over Northern California. We have not been racing in Santa Cruz, but we have thought about attending the race throught SCYC in mid July. Hopefully you can join us.

  • Pedro and David,

    My boat is currently in the driveway at our house in Monterey. (it Barely fits and my wife is grumpy about it) I'm looking for the best place to keep it Mast up somewhere. I've looked at the Mast up storage yard in Monterey and there are a couple of cats in the Yacht club yard there, but judging from the growth on their covers, they haven't been sailed recently. It costs $130/mo to keep the boat in the mast up Yard there. I've considered storing the her at Moss Landing or in Santa Cruz as it looks like there are a lot more Cat sailors on the Santa Cruz side of the bay. I'll check out the F18 website and the MHRA website. It would be super fun to meet up with some fellow Cat sailors!
  • Rocketboy,

    For the winter, you can keep it in the Santa Cruz harbor parking lot, mast up, and use the ramp to launch. There are a number of H16's there and I believe the cost is $75(?)/month. In the spring, they move the boats to the beach and they launch from there with communal beach wheels. You can get on the Santa Cruz Dry Sail Lot waiting list, which is managed by the Santa Cruz Yacht Club, but you contact the SC harbor office to get on the list. If you get into the lot and become a member of the club (or vice versa) you can use the the club hoist or the small craft launch ramp. We have a few F18s and A-Cats. I don't know much about sailing out of Moss Landing and don't know if there's much of a small sailboat community there. The monthly fee in Monterey actually sounds reasonable for the area. Wind is flukey through the winter and swell is large, so I'm not going out much these days...more surfing, snowboarding and mountain biking.


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