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Advice - how to tie down before hurricane (timely)  Bottom

  • Getting ready for hurricane Laura - Probably 115 mph @ landfall - likely around 90-100 max gusts @ house, worst case if she turns a little more. Most likely gearing up for 45+, steady with gusts somewhere up to 60-75.

    Used 8 screw-in, 18" anchors, 4 on each side of boat, lines going across cross bars and wrapped around them.


    What do you guys do? And, yes, nothing but insurance will help if a tree falls on it... Just trying to keep it on the ground. Mast is off boat up against fence on ground.

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    Chuck C.
    H21SE 408
  • my suggestions: some may be overkill but ...
    take off the tramp (big windage factor)
    take it off the trailer (lower to the ground, less air can get under it)
    chock the trailer tires - i have had my boat (bows resting/tied to trailer, on beach wheels blown up a beach in 40-45)
    tie the mast down to the fence - unlikely but anything can get airborn in a big enough blow

  • I would think the biggest risk is a tree falling across the mast and snapping it (something that would be very difficult to replace, even a cracked hull could be repaired). So in the past, when we’ve had hurricanes approach here (NJ), I have done the same as you and taken the mast off and just placed it on the ground). Otherwise, I’ve removed the tramp to reduce windage and made sure the boat is securely strapped to the trailer. That’s about it. The land anchors certainly won’t hurt, but I can’t see anything more being necessary. There’s only so much hou can control....

  • Anchors (tree augers): we have used them for years on the beach (i use the 3' version)
    they work well but will fail with enough rain

    at my house i used a fence post digger and dug 4' holes. threw in some gravel at the base and 100 lbs of concrete to secure the tree auger
    i use chain to secure my trailer when i have any concerns

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  • Thanks guys - yup, tramp was going to come off anyway. Trees are my biggest concern, looks like.

    Thanks guys. Looks like it's going to get rough

    Chuck C.
    H21SE 408
  • A friend had his I-20 just sitting next to his house on the trailer when Ivan came ashore right where he lived. Boat moved six inches....
  • Around here fences blow down frequently. I'd move the mast away from the fence. Maybe put in under the boat.
  • Get boat of trailer and on the ground fill hulls with water 1/4 or less.
    Do not fill them!
  • To everyone in Laura's path, hunker down, anchor down, and stay safe!!!

    1984 Hobie 16 Redline Yellow Nationals, "Yellow Fever"
    Opelika, Al / Lake Martin
  • I'm in south Texas so seems we are out of it's path of destruction. I wish you all in the path of Laura the best.
    Agree with suggestion to getting it off the trailer and on the ground as low as possible. And if a tree or something else does land on it. You may have less damage than on the trailer and the trailer bunks get pushed through the hulls (don't ask how I know). If you can estimate the direction of wind for your location, use that as guide as where to position the boat in relation to the surrounding trees. Best of luck as you hunker down.
  • Incredible hurricane - like a giant tornado passing close by - nothing for us in Houston/Galveston, but our brethren in Louisiana and East Texas sure need our help. Ouch!

    My experience is now not a good data point, because winds never got more than 25-30 mph, that I know of; I will definitely take it off the trailer next time; I tried to get it away from pine trees and put the mast up tight against a new fence, that I knew how much concrete was used on it. That way, the more likely event (pine tree falling), would be less likely to break mast...maybe. I think I need to find a way to get it into my garage, if possible.

    Well, at least now I can re-string my trampoline with new, non-stretch line when it goes back on!

    Chuck C.
    H21SE 408
  • Glad to hear you didn't get hit
    i was glad to see you post yesterday - thanks for the update

    Quotemaybe. I think I need to find a way to get it into my garage, if possible.

    i have a friend who stores his mast in his house/hallway when not in use
    not a bad idea for a single day if needed and there is room

    QuoteWell, at least now I can re-string my trampoline with new, non-stretch line when it goes back on!

    no such creature!
    even the strongest lines have some stretch/creep - just within acceptable ranges
    i suggest you pre stretch your line prior to install or you might just find it slacking with use

    tie one end to a tree and add bowline to the other end. use your mainsheet blocks to put a good, healthy tension on it and let it sit for a while. even better in the summer sun. retighten as needed

    this will help reduce stretch over the long run
    not sure if creep can be reduced

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