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AMF Trac-14/ Windrush  Bottom

  • Any owners out there? I just purchased a 14, nice little cat but needs some work, lines and rudder arm to tiller connectors.
    Looking for a manual and parts source. I tried Howie but no response to my inquiry and the other links provided don't work. Very little recent activity from owners.

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  • Hey Cat Sailor,
    I had one some 10 years ago. I almost bought another a few months ago, but alas I already had two sailboats. I'd be looking into using a modern nacra tiller joint. Same concept if I remember right. I have found a manual online before....just tried and found jack.

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  • Here's a Trac 16 Manual, it may help.


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  • I adapted a tiller base fitting for that connector. The cross pinning hole should be small. I think a bushing was required, i turn one from delrin


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