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Leopard 46 pump impeller problem  Bottom

  • Hi! I have had Leopard 46 (Robertson & Caine) since last year. I just got back on water after a longer than usual hiatus. I noticed an issue. Usually, while the engine is running, water should flow out of the cooling system accompanied by the exhaust gases from the small opening on the side. But last weekend there was just a little bit of water escaping. I have heard that is may mean the cooling water pump impeller is damaged. How do I go about it?

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  • G'day mate.

    Id suggest picking up a factory service manual for you engine manufacturer. That will provide step by step instructions on how to replace water pump. I would agree with your diagnosis.

    However, Just so your aware, The types of cats your dealing with round these parts have no engines. Were a sports catamaran forum.

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  • The water pump impeller is a consumable item and should be replaced every few years.

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