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Telescopic Righting Pole Necessary?  Bottom

  • I recently purchased a Hobie Miracle 20. While I haven't flipped it yet, I fully expect it to happen soon. I don't have a righting system for it yet, and had intended to go with the righting pole.

    I'm 205 lb, do you think a standard 8' righting pole will be sufficient to right it solo? If not, does anyone have any experience with a telescoping righting pole? I think 12' ought to be able to do it?

    I do not want to mess with shroud extenders.
  • With 2 on board probably not necessary in theory, but I've heard stories where one of them is left behing the boat and the other cannot do anything to right the boat or stop it from drifting. I personally once tested the righting bag as a sea anchor and it doesn't reduce drifting speed signifincanty. So if prompt rescue is not evident in your area and you are concerned about safety, yes it's necessary.
  • I know a man around 180 can right a mystere 6.0 solo with a large murrays bag
    it is all about technique and water state (usually rough if capsized)

    i am around 180 and i always sail with another boat - but still want to be self sufficient so i carry2 righting bags.

    i don't want a pole hanging behind and under my tramp for several reasons but mostly because it is just more hardware and can fail - plus the cost and time to add and dial in

    so i would suggest a large bag and several intentional capsizes to perfect your skills in righting

    other tips:
    carry an anchor and deploy asap after a flip - it will stop you from drifting & in heavy air it is not uncommon for a boat to sail away on it's side faster than you can swim - it will also put your bows into the wind (correct spot for righting)

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  • Wind and wave conditions, technique, sailor weight, and boat type all impact what works and what does not. Best way to really know is tip over in shallow water and try your method. If it works great. If not, alter your method and try again. As for boat type influence, I have seen published for F18's that approx 308lbs is required to right the cat. So two should be no problem, and if only one, then use of righting bag or devise (pole) would be needed. What works for one, may not work for you. So plan, test, alter if needed, and do.

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