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Ladder set up mod  Bottom

  • I put a bow roller on the ladder to help move mast into place. I used it most of last season, worked well. See photo album for picture.

    If i make another, i would recess the roller into the top step, eliminating the elevated side blocks.


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    Nacra 5.0

  • Interesting, I'm considering a ladder too, no ginpole system, just the ladder.
    On the pictures it appears that you start with mast supported from the diamod wire on the ladder, correct? How far from the rear beam do you place the ladder ?
    If you consider reducing the side blocks it means you don't need them to keep the mast rotated 90°? At low angles the rod inside the mast base slot locks rotation, but as you raise the mast at some point it unlocks, I don't remember at what point that happens, Is it past or before the starting point in your case?
  • Quote See photo album for picture.

    why won't you add your images to your posts? i am certain most people don't go and search for your images and this limits responses and inspires wrong solutions

    much like your thread about your hull repair - people went to length to help you and to write up what sounded like what was needed without searching for your album and pics, and in the end the advice was not really correct until I posted your image and had to tell several people your write up didn't really match your images

    if you don't know how to do it i will be happy to show you
  • I'm not sure I fully understand how you're using the ladder, but it seems similar to the system I use. Edit: I looked at more pictures and I think the system on my trailer is easier/simpler. Disclaimer: Prior owner came up with this and deserves all the credit.

    I don't have pictures, but could take some if someone is really interested.

    First, boat is mounted backwards on the trailer. The trailer has the usual square piece of aluminum near the tongue of the trailer that comes up to hold the mast when trailering. However, the "V" or "U" that holds the mast when trailering is attached to a bracket, which is attached to the square aluminum. So, the square aluminum is essentially cut off and hollow.

    I've got a 1.5" diameter piece of wood that has a a roller embedded in the top. It looks like a whaletail, so that's what we call it.

    So here's how it works:

    1. Pull into the beach.
    2. Attach forestay to mast. (Unique to my boat)
    3. Untie mast nearest the tongue.
    4. Insert whaletail into square aluminum tubing. Pin in place.
    5. Lift mast onto it from trailering "V".
    6. Untie bottom of mast at front beam.
    7. Roll mast up the whaletail roller and drop on mast ball/mount.

    From here, I move to step the mast.


    Dana, Holly, Emma & Hannah

    LJ/Stu's Dart 18
  • I'm interested in seeing this "whale tail". Still working on my set up.

    Chuck C.
    H21SE 408

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