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Nacra hull joint  Bottom

  • Does anyone have images of the skeg joint? It looks like there is a tunnel under the seam about the size of a tooth pick, that goes a long distance.

    There were a few pin holes in skeg. Cleaning them up lightly with Dremel unearthed this tunnel.

    Will fill with West 404.

    Pic in my album, Nacra Trailer

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    Nacra 5.0
  • I don't have any pictures, but my 5.0 had similar issues. I had just coated and reshaped the skeg with West System and thier fairing compound. Didn't really worry too much about it since it was a beater boat.


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  • ctcatamanDoes anyone have images of the skeg joint? It looks like there is a tunnel under the seam about the size of a tooth pick, that goes a long distance.

    I have noticed my 1983 5.0 dribbling a bit of water from the skeg area while de-rigging over the years, perhaps a tablespoon or two. I thought it was just water running down the bottom of the hull. At my last outing it seemed like more dribble than usual so I decided to take a look under the skeg...it appears as though I have the tunnel too and the tunnel is collecting/holding the water that has been producing the dribble.


    My hulls are bone dry inside even after hours on the water so the tunnel isn't a through leak just a void of some kind. Does anyone know why this void/tunnel was molded in to the hull joint? I can think of no purpose it would serve. I suspect the Nacra 5.7 has this issue as well. My plan is to inject the void with thickened epoxy (West System 105/205, colloidal silica) then topcoat with 2-3 coats of Gel-Kote.

    Thoughts? Comments?

    While under the boat I also noticed a few places near the bottom of the hull where is appears that the original factory Gel-Kote didn't adhere properly and just chipped off. Anyone else have this?


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  • I refinished my Nacra 570 hulls last year and had the same type of "tunnel" going on in the skeg area -- I don't know the purpose of it either. My best guess is it's just an artifact of how the seam was assembled. Mine didn't have any gel chipping like that -- but I did have some chipping of the glass forward on the bows.

    When I refinished mine I also used the West Systems, but I made mixture of chopped glass strands to fill that void -- I think the colloidal silica is more of a fairing compound. On mine there was some cracking emanating from that void causing some delamination -- be warned that if you start chasing and grinding out all the fractured glass you will end up removing a surprising amount of material. Once I started grinding on mine I decided to do a full bottom job, I ended up adding 3 layers of glass, fairing everything and then respraying gelcoat on the bottom and sides of the hull.



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