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  • So, after STILL taking an hour to rig and de-rig this last week, I'm wondering if it's safe to travel with the mast bolt track down? My rear carrier is actually designed for it, but the front carrier is just a rubber V-block (bow bumper). It would help some because it would mean not rotating the mast. I'm a bit afraid of collapsing the slot, though it sure seems robust...

    I'm going to re-engineer the front carrier anyway to include a polyurethane roller, which will be a tad softer than the rubber bumper, but not much. This is that big 'ol 33' mast.

    BTW - kids had fun out on Galveston Bay; mid 70's, partly sunny and MAYBE 2' waves w/ 15 knot winds. Sweet first sail of the season.

    Chuck C.
    H21SE 408
  • a rubber v bow bumper is fine to rest the mast on (track side) for most local driving

    if your going on a crazy highway or back roads it may be worth the time of rotating the mast but i can say no one around here worries too much about that

    If you are concerned you could wrap a towel or water-noodle around the mast for transit I wouldn't leave either there for storage as they will retain moisture

    I have used a small wooden "door stop" shaped piece to gently unpinch a spot where a track got slightly deformed

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  • I support my mast on two v rubber bow bumpers, track down. When I travel long distance, typically 500 km, I put it with the track up, unless I’m too lazy to rotate it. The front piece that takes most of the weight, touches the diamond spreaders. I have padded metal pieces at each side and the v-block goes through a bolt between them. I don’t need to tighten in excess the strap or rope that holds it, because it won’t pop out and fall. If it was supported only by the v-block I’d tighten more and be more concerned about the track.
  • I'm about 45 minutes from launch at about 55 mph, average. Decent roads. I've got everything to custom build what I want. So, what would YOU (open question) do/make if you could have anything?

    Chuck C.
    H21SE 408
  • I'm happy with what I've got, perhaps I'd change the rubber bumpers for plastic ones and at the front maybe a roller instead of a V-shaped could work, depending on the width. If possible to make a support with the shape of the mast section, even better, no idea how to do that.

    The main advantages that I looked for:
    - The side supports (metal piece covered with blue pvc hose) extend well above the the mast, so the risk of mast falling down on the road is lower
    - diamond spreaders are attached at that support too, keepin the mast in place longitudinally.
    - The side supports limit mast rotation on its own axis.
    - Both things allow not to tighten in excess at that point.

    - The fact that the front support limits rotation, allows for a simpler rear support.
    - There less weitht to support here so I don't need to tighten in excess either.
    - Make it high enough to support the mast above the tiller cross bar (I didn't thing of that, need a bit more actually)


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