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Two Harbors/Catalina  Bottom

  • A group from NorCal is thinking of a trip to Two Harbors again. I've done this trip 3 times before but it was several years ago. Has anyone done this trip recently? What are the logistics like these days?

  • When I lived in LA I went there too many times to count. I would usually sail there first because it was the closest place from my starting point in Santa Monica. After sailing 30 miles in all conditions and traversing the shipping channel sometimes in fog it was a great place to stop and have dinner and use the public showers. The next day I would head out to one of the protected coves on the leeward side of the island. If you are planning to sail a beach cat, there are plenty of good places for beach camping. One big problem however is when you approach the leeward side from the mainland the wind dies. If you are unfortunate enough to be there when there is a Santa Ana wind blowing hard off the mainland you will have no choice but to sail around to the seaward side and the cove on that side of Two Harbors is the only protected place in all conditions. Of course if you're beach camping and sailing a small cat this is a moot point. The last time I was there was around 1990, I hope it hasn't changed too much!

    Bill Townsend
    G-Cat 5.7
  • The 3 times I went we launched at Long Beach to the east side of Two Harbors and we stayed in the employee housing at Two Harbors. Someone told me that you can't launch off of Long Beach anymore and I know it took some sweet talking from guys like Hobie Gary to allow us to park on the beach. Does anyone know about any of this?

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