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Telstar 26 trimaran?  Bottom

  • Anyone know about Telstar trimarans? A 26 footer popped up for sale in my area. Can’t find much about them. Has an early fold out design for the amas that looks a little weak. Would need to be a decent coastal cruiser for it to be any interest to me. Going to look at it tomorrow.
  • I looked at one some time back. There is a site about them you can check out. I know several have gone from Florida to the Bahamas. Not sure how you define 'coastal cruiser; I kinda viewed them as more of a weekender. They did not have a lot of storage space for food and water. Like all multihulls performance takes a big hit if you put too much weight on them. They are not really that fast even when light, off the top of my head I can't think of any beach cat that would not be faster. I saw the amas expanded on the trailer and they definitely are not as strong as the Fboat system. But a lot of the owners seem to like them; in some part because they allow folks to get a boat they can use at a price they can afford. As long as you watch the weather windows for your coastal cruising and know what you are getting into it might not be a bad choice.


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