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Bent Prindle Gudgeon  Bottom

  • What is the procedure to bend a Prindle Gudgeon back to shape. I have one that is bent which causes a significant amount of rudder slop. Is it possible to heat and bend back without breaking/cracking? Anyone ever attempt?
  • Looking at Murrays, a new gudgeon is $10 plus shipping.

    Personally, I'd rather change it than try to bend it back and be worried about it breaking later.
  • Sorry - I meant to say the Prindle Rudder Casting
  • Those are cast aluminum and quite brittle, so... be gentle.
  • Those castings do not bend very successfully. I’d get hold of Pete Begle, or Dan Berger, both are reputable vendors on this site.

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  • And don't heat aluminum to bend it. Aluminum will not significantly soften with heat, and it melts into a puddle all of a sudden with too much heat.

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  • mason1114Sorry - I meant to say the Prindle Rudder Casting

    Can you send a pic of the casting? How is it bent? Are you referring to the tiller bar?


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  • i have gently bent some aluminum rudder castings from 1980's nacras back into shape. it can be done but not very far. depends on where it's bent i guess. mine took some pretty hefty blows with a sledge hammer using a block of wood to absorb the shock.

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  • I have seen the Prindle rudder casting getting warped from time to time... but never bent... You may want to try heating it up and see if can get it back to the original shape or close to it. At this point you have nothing to lose.. but my recommendation would be to buy a used or new one.. they pop up from time to time on Craigs list pretty cheap

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  • heating aluminum will usually make it more brittle, not more ductile.
  • There is a lot of info on the web about bending aluminum castings, and temperature matters. Not too hot but not too cold. I would set it up with a clamp so that I can straighten it a little bit at a time. Rub the casting down with a bar of soap. Hit it with a torch, and when the soap is brown, clamp it down a bit. Don't do it all at once. I am not a metallurgist, and don't know how much you want to bend it, but I might do this over a few weeks. A little heat, a little bend, and then a few beers...repeat. Once you have it where you want, it should not spring back.

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