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Upon tacking, jib line gets stuck on mast. Any mod suggestions?  Bottom

  • Hi Catamaran community,

    I have a Prindle 19. When I tack, the slack on the jib line gets caught under the mast and prevents the jib from swinging to the other side of the boat.

    What this looks like: The mast sits on a spherical plastic piece on which it also rotates. This plastic piece is mounted to the perpendicular aluminum cross beam. When tacking, I loosen the jib sheet and the jib starts to swing over, but the jib line gets caught between the very bottom of the mast, the part which makes contact with the spherical plastic piece, and the crossbeam. In fact, theres a mechanism on the mast there that's used to help take the mast down, if you need to, that catches the jib line. This is located at the bottom of the mast and really can hook onto that jib line.

    If there's crew on the coat with me, they can reach up and untangle the jib line, though it's a pain in the ass. If I'm by myself, I have to leave the stern of the boat, let go of the tiller, untangle the jib and go back. I got into an accident like this recently.

    Can someone recommend a modification to the jib rigging? The jib is not self-furling. It's the type with a zipper.

    Or, will someone recommend a self tacking jib system that I can rig up to the Prindle 19?

  • I use a bungee cord that ties to the outer end of the front cross beam, wraps around the mast at the bottom of the sail and ties (clips) to the other end of the cross beam. The jib sheet rides on top of the bungee. This is pretty fool proof for preventing the jib sheet from getting hung up and it's a common solution.
  • Bungee cord preventer as tradisrad mentioned. It is necessary on all cats that sheet aft of the mast.

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