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  • here is something we dont see come on the market all that often. Hobie trifoiler https://sfbay.craigslist.…obie-cab/6979381570.html
    Would probably be a blast to sail and take a day to set up....
  • That seems like an excellent deal
  • I'm a little behind on things at the moment (had to drive to NY and back to fetch the Supercat) and we just got hit with some badass weather, so I missed this listing. I'm guessing it is/was Cliff Sojourner's boat, #117.

    The "day to set up" is a common myth propagated by people who have never set one up. It's actually brilliantly thought out in that respect. There isn't a single screw shackle involved in assembly - everything sits on the spar racks in order and connects with snaps and fast pins. Dan (Ketterman) claims he can do it in 11 minutes (or something like that); I'm not that quick - I take my time and do it in maybe 20, depending on whether I'm being distracted by fascinated spectators. Doesn't really take any more time than the average cat, though you do have to pay attention and not miss any steps.

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