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learning to foil..........  Bottom

  • We are heading to the lake Thursday to work out our foiling technique on a new Flying Phantom Essentiel .... icon_smile

    Bill 404 21SE
  • You go Bill !
    IIRC, a few years ago you were retiring, & selling your beloved H21.
    Good to see that us “senior sailors” are still trying new toys.
    A couple years ago my wife complained there were to many boats on the dock. Hell, I only had 10...but to show empathy with her thoughts, I sold the canoe.
    This week I bought a Jon boat, so we can explore the smaller lakes & rivers 10 minutes from the big lake,
    Foiling, I’d love to give it a go, maybe when I turn 70, I’m just to damn busy right now, & the Company found out where I hide out all summer, & said I need to go to Japan next week, & Hongkong at the end of the month.
    Unfortunately, they won’t just forget about me, but continue to add funds to my account.

    Hobie 18 Magnum
    Dart 15
    Mystere 6.0XL Sold Was a handful solo
    Nacra 5.7
    Nacra 5.0
    Bombardier Invitation (Now officially DEAD)
    Various other Dock cluttering WaterCrap
  • Good stuff! Post videos, notes.

    (We did similar with a WhiteFormula Whisper, and posted videos and notes, mostly on a sailinganarchy thread - http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?/topic/185692-whisper-foiling-catamaran-sailors/
  • What lake? I can probably be there in a few hours! Have fun! I'm jealous! Report back please.

    Nacra 6.0 NA
    Ogden Dunes, IN

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