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Parking a hobie 16 & or prindle 19 behind pontoon boat.  Bottom

  • We got our pontoon boat out to the sandbar.. can you use a length of line with a carbiner to have a cat parked with you ready for changing sailors & crew.. thinking it would weather vane if main unhooked.
    With prindle I can keep jib furled...
    Anyone ever done this?

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  • yes you can anchor your cat to another boat, or tree, or fire-hydrant, or house, or dog (if the dog is VERY big and not moving)

    you can't just "hook" it (the cat), disconnect the main ... you will have a cat-tastrophy

    to properly anchor a catamaran (on the water) you need to keep your main connected, centered, and sheeted (not honked down, just secure). Jib must be away, or down, or furled or else... your boat will dance ...

    you should create a bridal for your anchor line. from the bows is best, but from the outside of your beams (or as far out as possible) would be second best - a single line to the mast is not so great, a single line to 1 bow is just wrong

    if you are in the lea of an island or other area where there is shifty wind your boat may still dance around a bit. in weird wind spots (lost of shifts) your boat will dance around more than a bit

    If your in a real wonky spot (extra shifty, extra wind eddys, you may dance so much that you capsize)

    (edit) as per the hobie16 - you will need to drop your jib (unless it furls which isn't stock) - if you don't furl it you have a good chance it will dance and be angry and probably sail into the boat it's tethered to

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  • Thx, MN3, did not know that about main, I'll make us a bridle.
    For the Hobie we'll have to bungee the jib
  • Main drives the bows up, jib drives the bows down.
    Main snug, jib furled (or otherwise taken out of the equation) the boat should sit nice and pretty in nice steady winds.
    I wouldn't leave it unattended, but should be fine to take a quick break.
    Otherwise, I'd drop the sails.

    As far as the bridle goes, there's a guy on Youtube, his channel name is Joseph Bennett, and I believe he hooks his Hobie 16 to a mooring ball. Might be worth checking out his setup, I never paid much attention.


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  • We "daisy chain" all the time at the sandbar. One guy up front anchors to his bridal and three or four boats will piggyback. In 2-3' of water.

    Most guys furl the jib, slack the downhaul, center the traveler and sheet-in. They will often just run their mainsheet back to the bridal of the next boat. Then they concentrate on their beers. prost

    I don't advise the "sheet-in" method if you are going to step away from your boat for even a minute. Wind, waves and tides change without warning.

    I watched a boat go over in a flash when someone was caught standing downwind (leeward side) during a 90º puff. The boat rolled over them faster than you could say "WTF"! scared

    So I drop the boom and block together now and let the dacron sail swing wherever it wants.

    Prindle 18
  • QuoteSo I drop the boom and block together now and let the dacron sail swing wherever it wants.

    that's too much sail damage and batten risk for me, i'd rather capsize it :)

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