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releasing downhaul from the trapeze  Bottom

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  • 16:1 still generally results in high loads on the blocks. You'll find you are cranking the downhaul on breezy days because adjusting diamond wires on the Inter 20 stick is a pain in the ass, and even with more diamond tension, more downhaul is helpful. 16:1 gives you finger tip control.

    PM me to sort out details on line if you need em'.
  • QuoteThe line coming out of the cleat is led aft. The excess is sucked into the forward beam via shock cord magic.

    is there an exit and cleat on the front beam?
    that would explain how crew can cleat/uncleat on the fly / and on the wire
  • Nope. Not saying that isn’t possible, but on all setups I’m aware of the clear stays at the mast base due to the loads and line stretch.
  • Photo here: https://www.thebeachcats.com/pictures?g2_itemId=131890

    No self tacker on this boat (crew is a legit rockstar).
  • Thanks Sam
    does the crew have to grab the line forward of the turning block (what is currently on the tramp)? otherwise not sure how it could uncleat from behind it

  • That is correct, but aft of the shroud.
  • ok - whew - finally got it
    seems like a lot of hardware and line just to get extra line sucked up the front beam but if it works for you while racing - cool beans
  • Its the same setup that is the factory race setup from Goodall, Falcon, Cirrus, Windrush and probably Nacra. The only change is the block that is normally attached to the crews trap setup has been moved aft of the shroud to the trampoline, and the downhaul lengthened to accommodate.

    This isn't needed on a boat with a pinhead sail or otherwise doesn't respond to downhaul very well. For everything else, you need to play downhaul. As the downhaul is essentially an 8:1 setup on a doubler, there is a lot of extra line when you have max downhaul on (approximately 4') that has to go somewhere. The front beam is the right place IMO.

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  • we just use less line and tie it to the crew's neck (jk)

    thanks for all the detail Sam - you are a great ambassador for the sport

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