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Pivmatic lubrication???  Bottom

  • The pivmatic sleeves are real stiff. Its hard for me to pull up on the rope tk get the sleeves to rotate up. I cleaned everything and still super stiff. Does the sleeve need to be lubed or greased? I am afraid it won't kick up. Testing by pushing on tips of rudders just drags rope through cleat.

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  • The pivomatic sleeves are very stiff to lock down. Sounds like either your lines are worn or not correct for the
    cleats. The pivomatic relies on the lines to stay cleated. An impact from hitting something in the water will still
    most likely pop them. It is a lot different than just pulling on the rudder. I am sure that the Nacra experts will chime in on the proper set up.

    Are you coming down to Roton Point this year?

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  • There is no lube called for or required.
    The sleeves do get stiffer, & brittle with age, however they are useable until the little ears, (where the pivot pin goes through) break.
    There are two slightly different types. They work the same, but one has aluminum cleats, the other plastic. The plastic cleats teeth get worn & allow the line to slip. I have drilled out the 2 rivets & replaced the cleat with a small clam cleat. As with any cleat there should be no slippage. It sounds like yours are worn out.
    It is also hard important to use proper line. You must use very low stretch line, else the stretch allows the rudders to move slightly upwards, resulting in helm pressure at the tiller.
    Thinner line, (IIRC 3/16” is OEM spec) goes deeper into the cleat.

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