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Tornado Jib Halyard stel cable with a copper stopper  Bottom

  • Hi all,
    Wondering if anyone reading has good advice or remedy for Tornado JIB Halyard on a newer Marstrom rig, where the halyard is fine string/rope, attached to a steel loop that has a copper swag like piece crimped on to the steel cable section, al about 6" in length, that rolls around the shiv at the head of the halyard where attached to the stay, and somehow catches to set it self for the jib set? Mine seems to be unable to remain in the set position during heavy pressure, loading of the down haul, and often is a royal pain just to set....would love to hear/see any changes, modifications or remedy's that anyone might be able to suggest.
  • There is supposed to be a "V" hook of some sort at the top that catches the swedge.

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  • Do you have a photo?
    I don’t have experience with the T, but is sounds very much like what the legacy Nacra used to hold up the mainsail. During the final portion of the hoist, a small copper bit that is swaged onto the wire halyard goes up the mast, around the sheave & comes down the front of the mast.
    A small rectangle with a V attaches to the front of the mast. The copper swage is pulled below this V, then by cantering the halyard in the V, it catches the swage when the halyard is released.
    It’s foolproof on the 5.7, but we found it problematic on the 5.0, the shorter mast changes the geometry, & it was hard to get it to catch.
    The solution was to bend the V outwards from the mast 1/8”, easy leash after that. Sorry, I don’t have a picture.

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  • Those things are a pain; I'd fix the tack to the spin pole and use a piece of spectra as a halyard. You can rig the purchase for the luff tension any way you want; single or double blocks on the forestay, or use a single block on the forestay with a 4:1 down low (you need more purchase than you realize).

    This also fixes the problem of moving the tack and therefore slightly changing the sheeting angle.
  • Thanks all
    The catching channel inside the halyard UPPER purchase was out of alignment , so not able to catch the swage...re tweaked and it is functioning well again....see for how long...many thanks again for those weighing in on the forum..its a GREAT source and we're lucky to have the neighborhood!

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