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Any cat sailing near Boston?  Bottom

  • Hey guys,

    Is there a cat presence near the Boston area? Im considering geting a cat (never owned one) and would love to pick someones brain, particularly on boat owning and use, as well as clubs that can keep a cat. Basically I want to understand if a cat is for me and if it makes sense in and near Boston, as right now im not sure how to even store and ramp it, and hoping there are more options than going down to newport.

  • Hello and welcome to beachcats.
    I sail frequently in Amesbury Mass. I sail a Hobie 16 and have a friend who has been sailing his with me the last few times. Not sure where you live but I believe there are some catters on the cape as well. I love my cat. I have been sailing 2 years now.
  • Maybe Rick can help you with this


    John Schwartz
    Ventura, CA
  • See fleet 448 on Facebook, they have an event next weekend. Worth the drive


    Nacra 5.0

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