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  • I see several boats that are identified as a Raid. What is this designation?


    Prindle 18-2 Mod "FrankenKitty"
    Tornado Classic "Fast Furniture"
    Prindle 19 "Mr. Wiggly" - gone
    Nacra 5.8 "De ja vu"
    Nacra 5.0
    Nacra 5.8
    Tornadoes (Reg White)
  • ???
    The only usage I’ve heard for “raid” is in reference to a boat designed or setup to run in a “raid” event. Example- Texas 200 is a raid. I would call them “fun runs”.
    That is the only thing I know of.


    Texas Gulf Coast
    '82 Prindle 16 (Badfish)
    '02 Hobie Wave (Unnamed Project)
    ‘87 Hobie 18 (Sold)
    ‘89 Hobie 17 (ill-advised project boat, Sold)
  • Raid – A sail and oar adventure This is a leisure pursuit combining sailing and rowing. It involves a fleet of small boats capable of being rowed and sailed, exploring a coastline or inland waterway over several days, often with some competitive element.
    In describing raiding, the organiser of the 2010 & 2011 English Raids[1] states; "The idea of making coastal voyages in company, in open boats powered by sail and oar, was given currency by the French group Albacore, led by Charles-Henri le Moing during the 1990s, starting in Portugal and Scotland... The word raid has slipped into English and lost its usual associations of pillage and destruction – to those who participate at least."[2]

    Raiding has become increasingly popular amongst small-boat sailors, and this has fostered the development of raid-worthy boats. An example of the type is American whaleboat "Molly" crewed by The Henley Whalers.

  • Think back to the early days of the F18, the class rules were set up with Raid in mind. They were required to have roller furling jibs and the jib had to fit inside a certain diameter circle when furled (no cheating by having the furler, but using a horizontally fully battened jib.

    I don't know the specifics of the differences in the raid boats, but suspect that the furler is one of them.
  • The Archipelado Raid has been going on for years

    "For many years sailors have been raiding the Stockholm and Swedish Archipelagos in search for check points, speed or just sheer thrill. Pia l’Obry was one of the pioneers in Sweden and she arranged a long distance raid around the Swedish coast with Hobie cats in 2000.

    In 2001 Atlant Ocean Racing launched the Archipelago Raid, an extreme sailing orientering in the Swedish, Åland and Finnish archipelago with F18 as the platform. The first winners of this race was Franck Cammas (Fra) and Steve Ravussin (Switz). In the years to come hundreds of sailors from 16 countries participated in the race which became notorious for being very hard with almost no sleep and paddling when the wind was light. The last time the Archipelago Raid took place was in 2009.

    In 2010 the Raid Revenge was created. It has been a three day raid with good sailing in the outer Stockholm Archipelago with time for a good sauna, some beer good food and sleep in a real bed in the base camp for two nights. It quickly became popular because of the friendly atmosphere and intense sailing. In 2015 the name changed to Stockholm Archipelago Raid, but the concept stayed the same."

    Archipelado Raid 2019: Registration Open

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