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2019 Daytona Beach Summer Sizzler June 22nd-23rd  Bottom

  • Ahoy cat sailors,
    I writing you this note in hopes that I can appeal to your sense of preservation. This year would mark the 44th year for the Summer Sizzler and most likely the 47-48th year that Hobie Fleet 80 has hosted a regatta. I'm sad to say that this may be the the last. I hope not. GRSS is I'm sure the oldest and longest running Ocean regatta for Cats In the country. It's a huge undertaking to put this on. Our safty boats have to travel up to 30-40 miles a day just to be on station and provide support. This is not easy nor cheap. Over the last three or four years we have had less and less participation. We have actually lost money on the last two. Not much but in the hole non the less. We have a great venue a great host hotel and the only beach left you can actually sail off of without have to sign over your life or first born.
    I feel like we have always provided a good experience and a fun time. I have tried to keep the cost down. I know we all have busy lives, but this is a chance to get out and have fun doing the thing we all love to do. A bonus is we do it with people we all know and love. So I'm asking a simple couple of questions. Could you please register early and show up we all know that unless there is a huge storm or front that there is always a chance of rain in Florida. There is always a 40% chance in the summer in Florida every day. This means that 60% of us won't get wet. Besides your going to get wet on the boat anyway. We can not hold a regatta any longer with less that 20 boats. Even that is cutting it very close. Please look at your calendar and register before May 20, 2019.

    2001 NACRA 450 SOLD
    2000 NACRA 500 TOTAL LOSS
    2004 NACRA INTER 20 SOLD
    2016 NACRA 500 Sport
    DeLand, FL

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