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Star Cat 5.6 - stepping the mast  Bottom

  • Picked this cat up from someone who was looking to give it a new home.
    We are used to monohaul sailboats, and stepping this mast seems a bit confusing (there is just a ball, and the mast pivots) Does anyone have any advice for techniques to prevent the mast from slipping off the ball joint when raising it? Also, anyone have any info on the star cat? I found this post from 2016 (https://www.thebeachcats.com/pictures?g2_itemId=71170)

    Thanks in advance!!

  • I don’t know anything about a Star Cat, but pivoting masts are de rigeur on beachcats. As you saw, they pivot on a ball.
    The Nacra have a “captive” ball, you insert a 1/4” pin, bol, (or screwdriver) through the hole in the ball. That pins the mast to the base while you raise it, remove the pin.
    The early Nacra boats did not have this captive system, & it does make for a bigger challenge.
    I think others have tied a piece of thin in such a way that the mast can’t jump off the ball, which can be a recipe for disaster.
    Once you get the mast up, tension on the fore stay & shrouds keeps it “pinned” to the ball.

    Here is your link,

    It’s hard to tell from those photos, but there does not appear to be any captive system. In that case it is imperative to keep the mast pushed against the ball while you raise it. Generally speaking, on cats the rigging forms a triangle.
    You would connect the shrouds,(loosely), then have someone on the ground hoist the mast partway. Next, a strong person on the tramp grabs it & hoists. Push it all the way up & let it fall over center, the shrouds will prevent it falling forward. Then have your helper go around front & connect the fore stay, lastly tighten the shrouds.
    As you can imagine, if you let pressure off while raising, it can pop off the ball, with bad results.
    Build an album with your photos. Damon has a FAQ , near the top of the page for photo posting. You can’t just “paste” the photo into your posts.

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