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DIY Cat Trax Saddles  Bottom

  • Took 2 pieces of 1/8 inch non hardens aluminum sheet, size 12x24 inches. Two 45 degrees in 3 inches then 6 inches from both ends. Flange eshe down. My buddy's sheet metal shop was helpful. Alum angle iron bolted to sheet and tube. Hydroturf top. Can email pictures.

    Got the material from onlinemetal in Wallingford CT. I get proto boxes of cut offs, perfect for this. A bargain, esp if you can pick up in person.


    Marstrom Tornado
    Nacra 5.0

  • Pictures please
    did you set up for the Tornado or the Nacra?
    adjustable to fit both?

  • John 's pics




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  • looks great!

    YMMV but my suggestion: carpet every edge (or rubber mat)
    wheels have an amazing way of popping out when used by crew .. or others ... and they scratch up boats very easily.

    i have had experienced sailors push wheels under my painted cat and "missed" ... i now have a 3' permanent record of that day

    I go so far as to contact cement a mini frame and carpet over the bolts.
    wheels have a funny way of rotating on me when i am pushing my cat off the trailer ...

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  • Thanks for posting. The hydroturf goes over most edges. I may double it up based on Murphy's law of loading


    Marstrom Tornado
    Nacra 5.0

  • Have you tried the saddles, yet? You are probably going to need to tie the Cat Trax to the boat to keep them positioned properly. The carpet probably won't provide enough friction to the hull to keep the wheels from slipping.
    I have a rubberized foam pad on mine which really sticks to the boat when they are out of the water and slides really well when submerged.
  • Ooops! Stuttering!

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  • Nice work! I like the design. I would add that they look Uber wide. Meaning that you may experience rubbing of the hull on the tires as the boat shifts around during loading or moving. Or rubbing of the cradles on the tires if there is enough metal deflection.

    One will quickly make holes in your gelcoat, the other will tear holes in your rubber. You won’t even see it happening under there.

    If you are 100% confident there are no clearance issues, then check it again closely, under load.

    Over time, keep an eye out for metal fatigue on the bent aluminum arms. Wheels tend to wobble more as they age, further reducing the clearance.

    If any of these factors look “off” to you, reposition the wheels a little closer together.

    Prindle 18

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