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Hobie FX One  Bottom

  • A friend of mine bought a Hobie FX One some time back. It hadn't been sailed in more than a year so things were in quite a state of disarray. He ask me to help sort it out. After a few sessions of detangling we finally got it to the water about a week ago. I only have one word to describe this boat = TITS


    This thing makes my beloved Nacra 5.0 seem like a piece of farm equipment...ughhhh

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  • must be an acronym for that is terrific sailing

    they are fun boats
  • I don't think there are too many Hobie FX One's around but there is starting to be a bunch of older, reasonably priced F18s. It is a great class of boat and you don't need the very best to enjoy that ride.


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  • Farm equipment, that is hilarious. But sad since I just got one.

    I saw an FX at McGrews in RI last fall, pretty boat.


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  • Love the FX ONE .. race against another FX ONE at our club and also a FALCON F. Pretty good match for the FALCON F16 but the falcon is just a bit faster... Was out today flew hull spin up in only 5-6 knots wind for about 15 minutes down the lake. Wind dropped to about 2 knots going home upwind and I made it ok without paddling. Some of the mono hulls rolled their sails up then and motored. Point is she moves with with harldly any wind. I have done long distance racing on here as well in winds 25 knots with gusts. 2 up . Beauty boat. Will keep looking to this blog to share tech and experience on the FXONE.. Good sailing.
  • https://www.thebeachcats.com/gallery2/main.php?g2_view=core.DownloadItem&g2_itemId=134865&g2_serialNumber=4

    My 2010 FX One, shown at Lake Waccamaw. It's a terrific boat in light winds. I installed a new self-tacking jib, with a new jib (not shown in the photo), and considering getting a full spinnaker set. Have to order parts from France, but there are plenty available as most parts are shared with the Hobie Tiger.

    I used to own a 2002 FX One, but sold it to a guy in Charlotte, so there are others around here.

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