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Cartopping hulls  Bottom

  • Occasionally the need to car top a hull or two arises. A hitch mounted canoe carrier is great for aft support but too narrow for two hulls. Solution, unbolt 16 or 18 inch top cross bar and swap in a piece of unistrut. Bolt tight and voila, another anchor point. This is on a Caravan btw.

    No elegant front anchor system discovered yet. Just way too much plastic to deal with.


    Marstrom Tornado
    Nacra 5.0

  • Can you install a front hitch receiver?

    1983 SuperCat 15
  • For front anchor, raise the hood and tie a loop of rope around hood hinge. Now you have anchor points forward for a rope. Pete
  • best be careful and check your local laws
    there are federal and state laws that restrict the amount of overhang you have
    I have moved hulls before - i took the cat off my trailer and used it ti move hulls
    same with a mast


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