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Storage Ahead of Mast  Bottom

  • So, lashing a backpack or duffel on the tramp just behind the mast on a Sol Cat 18 is a real pain. It creates real problems with controlling the jib sheets and traveler controls.

    I've read a bit about how some folks lash gear under the tramp, in the middle of the tramp, store it in hulls, tow a raft behind them etc and none are overly appealing to me.

    I realize that storing gear isn't always necessary, but, i thought that perhaps a storage system similar to a large raft would be doable. Say, a second beam the width of a cooler/storage bin ahead of the mast, and then using straps to suspend and secure it. This way the load could be centered and balanced as close to the mast as possible. I realize putting more holes in the hulls probably isn't a great idea, and that having weight ahead of the mast probably isn't a good idea... anyone tried this or have any input?

    Appreciate anything you can send my way, thanks!
  • https://www.hobie.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=56698

    Some ideas in there. Mine is the first group of photos with the red netting. I don't use it anymore now that I got a second boat. When we go on a camping trip we can split the gear on 2 boats. The others are a little more in depth but if you just take a length of pvc and tie together some paracord into a net or just get some premade stuff its pretty effective and didnt make the front of the boat noticeably heavier even with 100lbs of camping gear up there. I made some wooden risers to raise the beam up a little to keep the gear out of the water after the net started sagging a bit.

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  • When we first bought our Prindle 16 we bought some parts and the seller included a zippered mesh bag that I
    had declined to purchase. It was a nice surprise but thought it useless until we tried it out. Check out the link for a few pictures that I posted years back. We have used this bag on the Prindle, Hobie 18, and now currently on the Nacra 6.0 when we sail out for a long day. It holds quite a bit and as you can imagine the more weight it has in it the lower it will sag and will drag in the heavy chop. It sits pretty high on the Nacra so will handle large waves without taking too much of a beating. It has a dual pull full length zipper so it is easily accessed from the tramp.
    It also has quick clips to attach it to the bridles so it is fairly easily on and off. Great to hold paddles, water bottles
    and lunch, and clothing in a dry bag.



    Pete Knapp
    Schodack landing,NY
    Nacra 6.0,I20,P18, P16,H16
  • Pete, who made this bag? Sounds like a good solution for clutter.


    Marstrom Tornado
    Nacra 5.0

  • QuoteI've read a bit about how some folks lash gear under the tramp, in the middle of the tramp, store it in hulls, tow a raft behind them etc and none are overly appealing to me.

    Under the tramp is a bad idea - it will get swamped and also cause you issues when you hit waves / wakes

    in the hulls is fine for small /light weight items
    i have large hatches on both my cats - they are great for storage but over time the lids get loose - i wish i never put them in because if i capsize - they are not water tight

    tow a raft - we used to sail with a family that would tow a jon boat full of camping gear - worked ok
    he lent it to a friend with a h16 - didn't work as well for that sailor
    i own a jon boat and tried it .. towed it with a 50' line .. was ok except when in a channel - worried it would hit and wrap around a marker - decided it wasn't worth it.

    for my 5.5 - I ordered a rectangle front tramp from Sunrise yacht company - http://multihullnets.com/
    it is perfect - has a pouch on top for my anchor and on the other side (underneath) has a pocket for my righting bag
    it sits right in front of the beam and is tied to the beam and 1 eyestrap on each hull

    my 6.0 has a web triangle that goes from beams to furler. it is perfect for my anchor and maybe a dry bag.
    it has no weight nor windage





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