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dog on a cat  Bottom

  • People were talking about bringing their dog on their catamaran in another thread - thought this would make a good topic:

    i used to bring my dog, as did others
    my dog liked to walk out on the bows - that wasn't cool
    my dog has sharp nails that scratched up my boat
    my dog refused to put on a harness - so she wouldn't trap
    came to find out that when i flew a hull . she was scared
    I attached her life jacket to a safety line - connected to the boom - worked great up wind
    after the first gybe i saw the flaw in this system (she was tugged/thrown across the tramp)

    we have saved dogs that have gotten away from skippers after a capsize

    If I were to capsize in any real wind - i would have to choose - save the dog or the boat (and i don't love the dog that much)

    i came to the conclusion that it wasn't worth the risk or hassle or scratches
    plus dogs aren't allowed where we launch so she would have to sit in my car for the hot hour i was rigging

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  • It always struck me as a logistical nightmare.
    Big or small, nails and tramps don't play nicely together. Any heel and I'd assume they just slide and they're completely helpless if they go overboard.
    All that said, we had a local guy who soloed a H18 with his lab. He never seemed to have any problems and he'd go out on the wire and heat it up. The dog just took to the high side and never moved.


    Texas Gulf Coast
    '82 Prindle 16 (Badfish)
  • QuoteAny heel and I'd assume they just slide and they're completely helpless if they go overboard

    My girl was ok until i really went high. then she just slid down - 20 claws digging - looking at me like "Why daddy WHY??"

    I brought the hull down and took it easy the rest of the day
  • Yeah, my dog doesn't even like baths, so perhaps cat sailing isn't his cup of tea anyways. He'd probably sink like a brick anyways.
    Plus, I probably couldn't drag him back onboard. 120+lb wet flailing dog in an oversized lifejacket. Not happening.


    Texas Gulf Coast
    '82 Prindle 16 (Badfish)
  • I have taken my Rottweiler many years ago and recently I’ve taken my German shepherd. The GSD is not a fan of the movement or the splashing water.


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  • texastumaI have taken my Rottweiler many years ago and recently I’ve taken my German shepherd. The GSD is not a fan of the movement or the splashing water.

    How did your Rotty do? That's what I have and he doesn't strike me as a "water dog".


    Texas Gulf Coast
    '82 Prindle 16 (Badfish)
  • A guy on my lake sailed with his dog for years on a H16. Golden retriever I think. He would have the boat heeled and you could see the dog's paws over the edge of the tramp. No sliding anywhere. He would tack and the "crew" would move to the other side, hook his paws over the edge and off they would go. That dog was better crew than most of my family.


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  • Calm day, dog is welcome. Sailing day, not so much. I have had many generations of dogs that have had rides on the 5.7, and the Golden Retrievers were good companions up to moderate conditions. I would never risk a capsize with a pet or a child. Most kids over the age of 10 are fair game for an adventure.

    NACRA 5.7 (1984 Sail 181)
  • Yes, was in that earlier thread.
    I have sailed regularly with our Bichon. She has a PFD and wears it well, without issue. She isn’t a fan of me pulling a hull high, but pulling it a bit out of water, she loves. She claws into the hiking strap and sticks her nose in the air. She is actually a good gage, as if I watch her, she “tells” me to bring the hull down where the speed is better, instead of the high flying “hot dogging” slower speed. She is good on tacks and gibes, and just follows my lead across the tramp. She is also smart when I’ve dumped it. A long time ago I took my Hobie 14 with a hooter out and pichpoled it. Wife and dog weren’t happy, but both stayed back away from the rigging while I struggled to right it. The oversized hooter made it a pain. Finally a waterman came along and held up the end of the mast and it popped up. Dog and wife were fine.
    My old lab loved going out but would claw all over the boat when I flew a hull. Loved the splashing water of the Supercat, but hated the hull pull.
    Lastly, my son’s husky loved to go out but also hated the hull up in the air and would race around trying to find some purchase.
    Weirdest dog story is about 15 years ago, I was just learning cat sailing and had pitch poled my Edelcat. I was about 100 yards offshore and struggling to right it when a good Samaritan and his lab came swimming out to assist. By this time I was resting in the water, just hanging on a hull when the Lab came up to me and used my back to climb on the hull. Had huge scratches all over my back that my wife noticed when I got ashore. My wife watched me out on the water closer after that.

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  • I sailed a lot on my G-Cat 5.7 (has a front tramp) with a +150lb Black Lab/Newfoundland mix. I glued 6 or 8 yoga mats together in a crisscross pattern and that created enough of a platform for him to get on top of and just step onto the boat whenever he ended up in the water.

    That dog was the best crew ever. Always in the right place and super laid back, never nervous and just plain loved being out on the boat.

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