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Prindle 16 Catamaran Sailboat - $350  Bottom

  • https://fortmyers.craigsl…sailboat/6772656711.html

    Prindle 18 w/ wings, Prindle 16, Prindle 15, current
    Hobie 16 in rebuild
    2 Hobie 18 past
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    Saint Cloud, Florida
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  • Nice boat. Nice price. Nice Christmas present! xmas

    Prindle 18
  • I was on that same island 2 days ago. I was even searching "sailboat" on craigslist. I'm back in Indiana now. My dad went a looked at it today however. Pretty rough shape. Some rudder hardware while present, the bolts were backed out all the way? The tops of the hulls were really cracked and the trampoline was fastened to two 2x4s and the 2x4s were lashed to each hull... The real deal on ft. Myers craigslist was the $750 E scow, a monohull. Sorry not sorry.

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    Nacra 6.0 NA
    Ogden Dunes, IN
  • Maaaybee on the E scow. Super cool boat that you need a crew of four to sail. Wife wanted one after we got beat by one, so we looked. Found one for under $2k but it wasn't worth it. The class has upgraded to a carbon sprit at $2.5k plus the asym, another $2.5k if the boat doesn't already have them. From there you start with a new set of sails $5k? Ten grand and then you get to fix all the usual pricey bits from Melges. Only worthwhile as a labor of love imo.

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