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Riveting for beginners  Bottom

  • This lady has a YouTube channel with tons of videos on home improvement topics that are very beginner-friendly. I noticed that she has one on riveting that is likely too basic for many of you, but could be helpful to someone who is new to sailing:


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  • Some of the best advice I've read here is to also use Tef-gel or similar compound to isolate stainless rivets from aluminum. This prevents galvanic corrosion due to dissimilar metals.
  • Great basic video overall, but the way she changes her grip 2:25 - 2:29 from around both handles to around top handle only is a major league no no as in knuckle crusher. How do I know, crushed knuckles. She's pulling 1/8" aluminum rivets which pull MUCH easier than 3/16" stainless steel rivets commonly used on cats.

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  • Oh, and if you buy the Harbor Freight pneumatic rivet gun, use way less hydraulic fluid than they imply/state-man what a mess! But, for the manager price, it works great. Also found Albany Fasteners great to deal with when looking for sealed rivets in stainless and aluminum. Haven't found monel rivets yet.

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