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Float for the Prindle 18 Masthead  Bottom

  • Hi Y'all.

    I'm putting a Baby Bob on my P18 and can't move the boat or flip it for measurements right now.

    Can anyone tell me how high the sheave housing sits, above the top of the flat casting? I'm guessing it's 2" or less.


    The Baby Bob sits on Hobies 2" high stainless bracket so I think there's just enough clearance that plastic will never touch the sheave.

    I'm bending 1/8" aluminum flatbar to form a U-shaped bracket as a mount. Trying hard not add any unneeded weight to the mast head.

    If you have a P18 mast or casting handy, please stick a measuring tape on it for me. It would also help to know the width and length (on center) of just the casting.

    Happy Holidaze,..

    Prindle 18
  • Quick measurements(its snowing out)

    The top of the sheave casting is 1 3/8" above the flat casting.

    The widest part of the flat casting width is 3 1/8"

    The length is 6 inches including the sheave casting.

    Pete Knapp
    Sailcraft Tornado,Nacra 6.0,P18, P16,H16,,Reg White Tornado(project),
  • I’m on the right track then. Thanks Pete.

    Fortunately, our boats never get to hibernate out here. The biggest worry is all the hurricanes lately. That season ends today.

    Prindle 18

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