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Who (in the US) can build me a mainsail like this?  Bottom

  • I'm seeing colored panels in laminate, squaretop mains and jibs. Who does this in the US? Also, who builds a decent sail for a reasonable price? The boat is a 19 foot tri.

  • Whirlwind may be an option as the already offer orange


    Also, my favorite is Glaser Sails.... can't beat their quality.... both Jay and Pease are still doing the day to day operation and you will be working with them directly... and, they sail what they make

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    John Schwartz
    Ventura, CA
  • I would say Randy Smyth, but i dont think he'll do colors. My new one from him is straight black and grey

    also check slo

    Captain Chris Holley
    Fulshear, TX
    '87 Prindle 19 "Cat in the Hat"
    '74 sunfish "1fish"
  • Awesome, thank you! Prices at Whirlwind seem pretty reasonable. Fingers crossed I get some quotes I can afford. :)
  • I bought a new sq top for my SC15 from Aquarius. When it arrived I found that it was made by Ullman in Deltaville VA.
    Aquairus' sailmaker retired so they are contracting Ullman.
    They made me a beautiful sail.

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    1983 SuperCat 15
  • Anyone have experience with Whirlwind Sails? Got a quote and the price is pretty good. If the quality is good that may be the one I go with. Not looking for Olympic class sails, just decent performing daysailing / club racing.
  • My friend has Whirlwind Sails on his NACRA 5.5 SL and loves them.

    2001 NACRA 450 SOLD
    2000 NACRA 500
    DeLand, FL
  • saltlife77My friend has Whirlwind Sails on his NACRA 5.5 SL and loves them.

    I've been searching the net for reviews and so far all the reports I've read have been positive. Definitely gonna give them a try.
  • Purchased top of the line set for Prindle 19 from Chip @ Whirlwind and have been very impressed with shape and construction. He is extremely skilled and has a wealth of knowledge about sail design. This is no mass produced cookie cutter operation at Whirlwind. I had in depth conversations with Chip, discussing where I sail, what conditions (wind & sea) and other variables to consider. I’ve had the sails for 3 seasons and they appear very new and have held up to several big winds. Best money I spent rehabbing the boat. Sailcloth was top shelf, you won’t be disappointed.


  • Awesome, thanks Todd.

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