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spin carbon fiber poles  Bottom

  • I have a two piece carbon fiber spin pole i used on my P19MX thats 12'5" and also have a carobon fiber windsurf mast @ 7'11" and also 3 end cuts ranging from 24" to 36". Can anyone suggest a ball park selling price for everything, that would be a descent deal for whoever buys them ??? I have a guy here in Phoenix interested but have no idea on value ???
    Thanks in advance for any imput !!

  • I bought old fiberglass 1 and 2 piece outdated fiberglass wind surf masts for like 20 bucks a piece from a windsurf garage business. Bought a 80% carbon windsurf mast once for like 100. If you have some bridle lines and a mount fittings/block or end cap fittings for the tack line you could probably get 200-300 for it to the right cat guy.

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