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Telescopic tiller  Bottom

  • Just wondering if anyone out there has a practical way of fixing my telescopic tiller that won't lock anymore. They are over $100 to buy new yet both tube pieces are in great condition. Something about the locking mechanism inside the smaller moveable tube isn't locking which obviously makes it difficult to trapeze. Can I salvage this tiller or do I have to purchase a new one? Have tried the paint sticks in the past, but I found once they get wet, they don't lock and they become garbage. Thanks!

    Prindle 15/Hobie 16/Hobie 14T
  • Are you talking about a Hotstick?

    If so, they can sometimes be salvaged. If you look at the inside tube, you will see that it is not circular, one side is fatter than the other. This is how the end of the larger tube engages when you twist. The edge of the inner tube can wear down allowing the outer tube to slip past when rotating. When this happens, the stick won’t lock. You can build up the edge with resin to get the stick to lock again but it is a bit of a PITA because if you go too thick, the outer tube will bind and you’ll have to do some sanding. It is a bit of a trial and error process.

    The other thing that can happen is the inner tube can split length-wise. This allows it to flex when twisting and the outer tube will slip past. This is also repairable with some work. When my hotstick did this, I removed the end fitting and epoxied in an aluminum tube to reinforce the cracked tube and also epoxied it along the split line. That hotstick has held up fine for many years since repairing.

  • epoxy alone may go away after a while, use a thin layer of fiberglass and it will last. Not all around, just a strip should do

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